The Delphi Funds comply with Storebrand's standard for sustainable investments. In practice, there are three areas in which sustainability is an integral part of our investment decisions.

Firstly, we exclude companies that breach "Storebrand's standard for sustainable investments" through, for example, climate or environmental damage or corruption.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Serious climate or environmental damage
  • International law and human rights
  • Corruption and economic crime
  • The production of tobacco or controversial weapons
  • A low sustainability rating in a high-risk industry

Secondly, we have access to data from Storebrand's sustainability analyses and a company score of 1-100 is integrated into our portfolio-management tool. A score of less than 25 indicates a need for further investigation. In such case, the manager can discuss the reasons for this rating with the sustainability team and take this into account in the investment decision.

Thirdly, our own fundamental analysis touches on a number of sustainability-related issues relating to the way in which the companies operate.

In total, these three areas have contributed to the various Delphi Funds regularly achieving a high score in Storebrand's sustainability assessment.