Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

Delphi Funds is a part of Storebrand which has been focusing on sustainable investments for over 25 years. We have sought to be in the forefront of sustainability, and this has been important in our strategies ever since. Therefore, we welcome the increased focus and standardization that will come as a result of the EU’s Green Deal.

Storebrand created a sustainability team back in 1995 and worked with this for 10 years before we became a founding member of UNPRI. In 2015 we created a new set of our sustainability funds: the Plus Fund Family and we have accelerated our focus ever since. After the Paris agreement and the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals we incorporated these into our analysis and sustainability ratings.

EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan

The European Union (EU) has adopted The Sustainable Finance Action Plan (SFAP) as part of its “European Green Deal”. The goal is to promote sustainable investment across and beyond the EU. The SFAP will come into effect in several stages, starting in March 2021.The EU’s objective is for the union to be carbon neutral by 2050, and the SFAP is a key part of reaching this goal. For the financial sector there is a new Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation aiming to better classify and streamline the sustainability credentials of investment funds, and a new EU Taxonomy for classification of different economic activities. The taxonomy has six environmental objectives and will make it easier for investors to compare financial products promoting environmental characteristics.

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