Management concept

Being investors in the stock markets we are every day faced with tremendous amounts of information. In order to deliver good performance over time it is crucial to have a robust management concept.

Delphi’s management concept differs from other fund managers. Most of our competitors swear by fundamental research alone, which by itself is not enough in our opinion. Our opinion is that all investments are more robust when the fundamentals are considered alongside trends.

By utilizing trend screening, we locate companies that have delivered fundamental value over a period of time. The trends also reflect the dynamics in the economy, the financial markets and the companies’ earnings in a very good way - while at the same time filtering out noise.

Managing money by combining trend analysis and traditional fundamental research constitute what we like to call the Delphi Way. By utilizing this method, or this concept if you will, we have historically managed to create higher return than the benchmark in all our funds.

Besides managing unconstrained and concentrated portfolios, delivering higher return than the benchmark over the long-term will always be our primary goal.