The Delphi Way

Through our investment approach we attempt to identify trends, sectors and individual companies that are demonstrating the best prospects for growth, depending on where we are in the economic cycle.

We utilize a methodical and dynamic approach to the financial markets. Our approach combines traditional fundamental research with trend analysis. Every day we analyse and interpret large amounts of information in an efficient and systematic manner. We perform trend analyses on historical stock prices in order to help us identify companies demonstrating a positive price trend; companies that are positively viewed by the market. In our opinion, the trend approach is both unique and efficient.

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Our approach can further be described by The Delphi Way using the line chart to the right, where the combination of identifying trends and conducting fundamental research is central. Although trend assessments in sectors and stocks play an important part in the process, fundamental research on these trends and stocks is critical so as to validate that the positive price trend should continue.

We buy shares that demonstrate a  positive trend – if supported by a good fundamental story. When the trend turns negative, or the fundamentals deteriorate, we sell. This strategy for management has yielded good returns historically, and we believe it will keep doing so in the future.

Delphi is not for everyone

The Delphi funds suit investors who believe in active management, who believe it is possible to beat the market over time, who can take the ups and downs in the market, and last but not least, who believes that the combination of trends and fundamentals are the way to go.