How to invest

Here you can find information on how to invest in Delphi's funds through distribution partners and platforms, as well as direct investments for professional investors.

Distribution partners and fund platforms









Direct Investments

Subscription requirements:

  • Institutions only. Private investors outside Norway will not be permitted to invest in our funds unless the investments are made through an approved fund platform or other approved nominee
  • For first time investors – please read and accept our subscription terms, and reply your acknowledgement via an authorized person by email, mail or fax to Delphi Funds
  • For nominees, an authorization from the Norwegian FSA is required
  • Complete order form
  • Complete FATCA and CRS Declaration Form (if subscription form above is not used)
  • Identification:
    • Certificate of Registration/Incorporation (not older than 3 months)
    • Beneficial owners, including social security numbers
    • Authorized signatories and evidence of their Power of Attorney/signing authority


  • Order form must be sent by e-mail to, or alternatively by fax to +47 23 31 71 30
  • Cut-off time: 3 pm local Norwegian time for same day valuation (NAV calculated daily at the close of benchmark)
  • Payment to the Fund Management Company's settlement account on subscription day (t). SWIFT transfer must be initiated before 1 pm local Norwegian time:
    • Account name: Storebrand Asset Management AS
    • IBAN: NO2260030540576
  • Transfer agent will normally confirm to client/distributor the number of units on t+1
  • Please note that Norwegian regulations require that payment be received prior to creating new units


  • Order form (number of units) must be sent by e-mail to, or alternatively by fax to +47 23 31 71 30
  • Cut-off time: 3 pm local Norwegian time for same day valuation
  • Transfer agent will confirm to client/distributor the exact redemption value on t+1
  • Settlement normally within t+3

Please note that Norwegian regulations and the fund's articles of association require that KYC documentation and the payment for subscriptions be received prior to cut-off in order to give same day NAV. KYC documentation in line with standard European requirements is required. We also require evidence of signing authority for the person(s) sending the subscription or redemption instructions. Same day payments must be made by SWIFT so that the transfer agency department can identify and verify that the subscription amount has been received. Redemption proceeds will normally be paid on T+3 as this is identical with the fund's settlement cycle for the underlying securities. For more information, please read our subscription terms. Additional questions may be directed to our compliance officer, Knut Wettenl at or telephone +47 934 03 954.

Authorisation to act as a nominee

In order to trade Norwegian registered fund units, a nominee needs approval from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet) to act as a nominee. Certain duties arise in connection with the approval to act as a nominee including registration of information about the beneficial owner and reporting of holding- and realisation information to the Norwegian authorities regarding beneficial owners who are liable to Norwegian taxation. For detailed information, please go to Finanstilsynet's website.