Lipper Awards and nominations

For the fourth year in a row, the Delphi Funds have received Lipper Fund Awards. In addition, both Delphi Nordic and Delphi Global were nominated for the Investors Choice Awards 2018 in March.


The Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards have for more than three decades honoured funds that have excelled in providing a strong risk-adjusted return. This year Delphi Kombinasjon (not marketed outside Norway) was awarded with two Lipper Fund award for the results created over three and five years, while Delphi Nordic received two awards for the best Nordics fund measured over five and 10 years respectively.

"Delphi Nordic has been managed based on the Delphi method for more than 20 years, with a total of three managers at the helm. The way in which we work, combining trend analysis and traditional fundamental research, has created a robust starting point for long-term management. We strongly believe we will manage to create good results and win more awards in the future too," says Eirik Krogstad, Product Manager at Delphi Funds.

This year's awards join the row of Lipper Fund Awards received by the Delphi Funds over the past few years. Delphi Nordic and Delphi Kombinasjon won awards in this prestigious competition in 2017, 2016 and 2015. The Nordic fund was rewarded in 2014 too. Prior to this, Delphi Europe had also been honoured. Delphi Nordic has been managed by Håkon H. Sætre since March 2017. Before this, he managed Delphi Norge (not marketed outside Norway) from 2007 to 2017 with good results. Sætre has also been part of the Delphi Kombinasjon management since 2013.

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Nominations for Investors Choice Awards

Delphi Nordic and Delphi Global were also nominated for the Investors Choice Awards 2018, which took place in London on 13 March. Delphi Global was nominated in the "Long Only Equity Fund under $1Bn" and "UCITS Equity Fund" classes, while Delphi Nordic was nominated in the class "Long Only Equity Fund - Long Term Performance".

"Although we didn't win this competition, nominations in themselves are very prestigious. Nominations also help to attract more attention to Norwegian fund managers and Norwegian funds in general, which is important in an industry characterised by fierce competition across national borders," says Krogstad.

In order to be nominated for an Investors Choice Award, the fund must be registered in the Allocator fund portal. Both quantitative and qualitative factors are taken into account when deciding which funds to nominate.

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